​Liquor fact sheets, checklists and guidelines

This page contains fact sheets, checklists and guidelines that will assist you in applying for a liquor licence, understanding what signs you require for your venue and complying with the liquor laws in NSW.

    Liquor licence fact sheets

    Hotel licence  (PDF, 178KB)

    Hotel licence - general bar (PDF, 168KB)

    Limited licence - multiple functions (PDF, 330KB)

    Limited licence - single function (PDF, 290KB)

    Limited licence - special event (PDF, 627KB)

    FS3078 Liquor law signs​ (PDF, 591KB)

    Liquor licence exemption for a non-profit organisation (PDF, 319KB)

    Liquor licences for surf clubs (PDF, 202KB)

    FS3017 On-premises licence (PDF, 191KB)

    On-premises licence for accommodation (PDF, 170KB)

    FS3032 On-premises licence for a restaurant​ (PDF, 300KB)

    FS3044 Packaged liquor licence (PDF, 153KB)

    FS​3072 Primary service authorisation (PDF, 229KB)

    Producer/wholesaler licence for a wine producer (PDF, 299KB)

    Producer/wholesaler licence for brewers and distillers (PDF, 250KB)

    Registered clubs and the liquor laws (PDF, 600KB)

    FS3024 Small bar licence (PDF, 175KB)

    When a liquor licence is not required (PDF, 422KB)

    Statutory licence conditions and requirements fact sheets

    FS3045 Special licence conditions for premises in Kings Cross - fact sheet (PDF, 473K​B)

    FS3046 Special licence conditions for premises in the Sydney CBD - fact sheet (PDF, 1.5MB)

    General information - what you need to know

    FS3003 Dealing with disturbance complaints: guide for venues - fact sheet (PDF, 218KB)

    FS3005 Resolving neighbourhood disturbance concerns: guide for residents - fact sheet (PDF, 217KB)

    FS3006 Violent venues scheme fact ​sheet​ (PDF, 267KB)

    FS3007 Violent venues scheme important dates for licensees fact sheet​ (PDF​​, 159KB)

    FS3015 Three strikes disclipinary scheme -​ fact sheet (PDF, 1.57KB)

    FS3029 Liquor promotion guidelines - summary - fact sheet​ (PDF, 600KB)

    FS3075 How to prepare a Category A Community Impact Statement (CIS) (PDF, 211KB)

    Electronic incident registers for Kings Cross and CBD venues (PDF, 1.3MB)

    Underage drinking laws - fact sheet (PDF, 272KB)

    FS3127 How to submit a floor plan with a liquor licensing application (PDF, 771KB)


    CL1001 Producer/wholesaler licence self-audit checklist (PDF, 885KB)

    CL1002 Club licence self-audit checklist​ (PDF, 2.6MB)

    CL1003 Hotel licence self-audit checklist (PDF, 2MB)

    CL1004 Limited licence self-audit checklist (PDF, 895KB)

    CL1005 On-premises licence self-audit checklist (PDF, 949KB)

    ​​CL1006 Packaged licence self-audit checklist (PDF, 912KB)

    CL1008 Small bar licence self-audit-checklist ​(PDF, 952KB)

    CL1009 Level 1 declared premises licence additional requirement self-audit checklist (PDF, 689KB)

    Schedule 4 Level 2 violent venue checklist​ (PDF, 37KB)​

    CL1010 On-premises (vessel) licence self audit checklist​ (PDF, 876KB)

    CL1011 Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct self-audit checklist (PDF, 730KB)

    CL1012 Racing and wagering licence self-audit checklist (PDF 1.3MB)

    CL1013 Kings Cross Precinct self-audit checklist​ (PDF 782KB)


    Anti-Discrimination Guidelines for the Hotel and Accommodation Industry (PDF, 592KB)

    Crime scene preservation guidelines (PDF, 74KB)

    GL4001 Liquor promotion guidelines​ (PDF, 395KB)

    GL4002 Prevention of Intoxication on licensed premises guidelines ​(PDF, 193KB)

    GL4003 Intoxication guidelines​​ (PDF, 214KB)

    Kings Cross Approved ID Scanner Requirements guideline (PDF, 104KB)