​Compliance checklists

Our self-audit checklists can help your venue comply with NSW's liquor and gaming laws.

Compliance officers from Liquor & Gaming NSW use these checklists when they audit licensed premises.

What's in the checklists?

The checklists cover important legal requirements such as:

  • signage
  • advertising
  • deterring crime
  • noise
  • incident register
  • responsible service of alcohol
  • responsible conduct of gambling.

There have been three major changes to checklists:

  1. The checklists have been written for the venue operator as opposed to the industry regulator;

  2. All correct answers means that the venue operator has met that particular guideline or requirement; and

  3. Licensees can test against their own licence conditions as stipulated on the vendor operators displayed licence.

We encourage you to use them regularly to help monitor your compliance.


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