Incident registers

    What is an incident register?

    An incident register is a record of what happens at a licensed venue.

    You must maintain an incident register if you are the licensee of a venue that:

    • is authorised to sell or supply liquor after midnight at least once a week
    • is listed as a declared premises under Schedule 4 of the Liquor Act 2007
    • has a limited licence that trades after midnight
    • is located in the Kings Cross or Sydney CBD entertainment precincts.

    Your register should record the details of any incident that occurs outside the standard trading times, as described in:

    You must also record the details of any action you take in response to an incident. An incident register can be in paper or electronic form.

    Why do I need an incident register?

    A register allows you to retain details of incidents that involve:

    • violence on your premises
    • anti-social behaviour in your venue or its immediate vicinity
    • people being removed from your premises under section 77 of the Liquor Act 2007
    • someone needing medical treatment.

    Maintaining an incident register at all times should give you a better understanding of events that may affect the safety of your venue and patrons.

    It will also help you to develop appropriate strategies to reduce the risk of alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour at your venue.

    We encourage all licensees to maintain an incident register. They are a useful compliance tool, and can be part of your venue's responsible practice.

    How do I make sure my venue's incident register is properly maintained?

    You should have procedures to make sure your incident register is properly maintained.

    You might delegate this duty to managers or other key staff at your venue. However, you should emphasise your legal obligations, and how important it is to maintain the register according to the law.

    It is also useful to educate all your staff about the value of maintaining an incident register so that they understand its importance in supporting a safe and responsible venue.

    Regularly reviewing how you record incidents with staff, as soon as possible after each incident, will help you to be consistent and accurate.

    Is there a compulsory format?

    If your venue is in the Kings Cross or Sydney CBD precincts, your incident register must be in a format approved by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

    If your venue is not in a precinct, you can use any of the following:

    • The incident register available from L&GNSW;
    • Any bound book with pre-numbered pages and the same incident report content areas as the L&GNSW-issued incident register; or
    • An electronic register provided it contains the same content as the L&GNSW incident register and records the time and date of any entry of data to the electronic register​.

    What is the approved format?

    We designed a more user-friendly format by consulting the liquor industry. There are two parts: the incident log book and the incident report book.

    Registers are A4 size and wire bound for durability. Flexible plastic covers protect against spillages or damp surfaces.

    The use of electronic incident registers for licensed venues across NSW has been approved provided it complies with the content requirements applicable to the physical incident register and that records the time and date of any entry of data to the electronic register​

    We approved an electronic form of incident register for Kings Cross and Sydney CBD licensed venues in December 2014. Learn more about approved electronic incident registers for Kings Cross and CBD venues (PDF, 1,323KB).

    Who views an incident register?

    L&GNSW inspectors and police review incident registers when they audit a licensed premises. You may face prosecution if you don't maintain your incident register properly.

    What should be put in an incident register?

    The Liquor Act 2007 and the Liquor Regulation 2008 describe the types of incidents you must record in your register.

    These include any incident that:

    • involves violence or anti-social behaviour at your venue
    • involves violence or anti-social behaviour occurring in the immediate vicinity of your  venue and involves a person who has recently left or been refused entry to your premises
    • results in someone being refused entry or asked to leave under section 77 of the Liquor Act
    • results in someone needing medical assistance if the incident occurs outside of your venue's standard trading period.

    However, we encourage you to record any incident that helps you get a better understanding of events that affect the safety of your venue and patrons. This may include any incident:

    • involving intoxication
    • concerning complaints about noise disturbances
    • concerning OH&S, pu​​blic liability and regulatory issues.

    Venues in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts

    If you hold a liquor licence for a venue in the Kings Cross or Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts you must maintain an incident register at all times.

    You must also notify police immediately after becoming aware that a violent incident causing injury has occurred at your venue.

    You must make sure that any incident information – including electronic data – is available to Liquor & Gaming NSW inspectors or the police.

    Where do I buy an incident register?

    You can order a register from L&GNSW by:

    Incident registers cost $20.

    Bulk orders

    ​Discounts are available for bulk orders of 100 or more. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you want to make a bulk order.

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