​Prescribed precincts

Special licence conditions apply to venues in designated areas that have experienced high levels of alcohol-related violence. These are known as prescribed precincts.

To date, the NSW Government has created two such areas:

The special licence conditions that apply to both areas include:

  • 1.30am lockout and 3am last drinks requirements*
  • round-the-clock incident re​​gisters
  • crime scene preservation and notification of assaults to police
  • a ban on high-risk drink promotions
  • no glass after midnight in venues with a history of violence
  • exclusion of the wearing of outlaw motorcycle gang colours or insignia
  • ban on certain drinks during late trading (excluding small bars)
  • per-person drink sale limits during late trading (excluding small bars).

​*Half hour live entertainment exemption
A two-year trial of a 2am lock out and 3.30am last drinks via exemption for venues that offer genuine live entertainment, live performances or arts and cultural events commenced in January 2017. More information is available on our website

Other special conditions only apply in the Kings Cross precinct, including:

  • CCTV
  • ID scanners
  • removal of lit​​ter from outside licensed premises
  • approved managers ​on duty in high risk venues at specified times.