If you want to exclude yourself from a licensed venue, you can enter into a self-exclusion agreement with a licensee.

Under the agreement, the licensee and his or her staff can lawfully stop you from entering or remaining on the licensed premises.

For example, many people enter into a self-exclusion agreement when they are undertaking a rehabilitation program.

How does a self-exclusion agreement work?

Where a self-exclusion agreement is in force, the venue's licensee and staff have the legal power to:

  • prevent you from entering the venue
  • remove you from the venue.

What form should a self-exclusion agreement take?

You and the licensee must frame your self-exclusion agreement.

The terms of the agreements are specified in the Self-exclusion from licensed premises agreement form (PDF, 36KB).

How do you terminate a self-exclusion agreement?

You can terminate a self-exclusion agreement at any time in writing by completing the Self-exclusion from Licensed Premises Notice of Termination of Agreement form (PDF, 19​KB).

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