​Violent venues scheme

The NSW Government operates a Violent Venues Scheme to regulate licensed premises with high levels of assault and other violent incidents.

The violent venues scheme is different to the Three Strikes Scheme. Violent venues seeks to manage/reduce alcohol related violence and focuses on acts of violence (offences under the Crimes Act) attributable to a venue. The Three Strikes Scheme focuses entirely on compliance with the requirements of the Liquor Act.

Under the scheme, we grade licensed premises from level 1 to 3 depending on the number of alcohol-related violent incidents they experience ​over a specified period.

  • Level 1 – generally 19 or more incidents
  • Level 2 – generally 12 to 18 incidents
  • Level 3 – generally 8 to 11 incidents.

How we grade venues

Grading depends primarily on the latest 12 months of alcohol-related violent incident data from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR)​.

BOCSAR bases its data on incidents the NSW Police record as having occurred on or in the immediate vicinity of a licensed premises. BOCSAR compiles the data and gives it to Liquor & Gaming NSW.

More information

The Round 20 process begins on 5 September 2018. For more information read FS3007 Violent venues scheme important dates for licensees​ (PDF 138KB). 

Read the Current violent venues list and special licence conditions here​

Our fact sheet on the FS3006 Violent venues scheme​​​ (PDF, 228 KB) tells you everything you need to know about the violent venues scheme.

This includes:

  • ​How we attribute incidents
  • How we review incidents
  • How to make submission to L&GNSW
  • What a venue safety plan looks like
  • Why your venue could attract special licence conditions before midnight
  • How to get an exemption from special licence conditions.