Register a liquor accord group

In response to your feedback, we have built a simplified interactive tool to help accord groups identify local issues and develop real solutions to address alcohol-related harm within local communities.

It is recommended that liquor accords review their strategies and terms on a regular basis to ensure that local needs are being met.

We encourage all liquor accords to register ​with us to ensure that the strategies and terms adopted are compliant with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Benefits of registering your liquor accord

When registering your liquor accord, we can assist you with strategy selections and provide a range of resources to assist with the effectiveness and success of your liquor accord group. These include:

Customised promotional material

Registered accords are provided with customised promotional material and access to a suite of resources that reduces the administrative and strategic burden placed on already busy licensees. ​


​Strategies implemented by accord members may be considered a restrictive trade practice and breach of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Registering yo​ur accord provides you with the protection under Liquor Act 2007 (NSW).​ We can help you select and fine-tune your strategies.

Better access

Better access to government and community groups that share your harm minimisation goals. We can connect and partner you with local Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs), Roads and Maritime Safety Officers (RMS), local health representative and our network of accord groups to share experiences, campaigns and resources where possible. ​

Membership stickers

We can provide a suite of artwork for stickers and a digital identifier.  Stickers your members can display to highlight their involvement with the liquor accord and raise awareness. The stickers raise awareness of the accord and promote the proactive efforts of licensees to reduce alcohol-related harm in your community.

Strategy poster

A custom-designed poster to display at your venue that shows patrons the strategies your accord members use to reduce alcohol-related harm in your community.

List of venues in your liquor accord area

An up-to-date list of all lice​nsed venues in the local accord area. You can use this list to target potential members and encourage them to join your accord.

We encourage registration so you can make sure that the terms and actions you adopt for your accord comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010​. This legislation prohibits restrictive trade practices.

Registering your liquor accord with us protects your accord from these laws when you take actions such as:

  • a voluntary lockout
  • a 30-minute cease service prior to closure
  • restrictions on certain types and numbers of drinks.

Liquor Accord strategies

Strategies form the basis of the harm minimisation efforts by your accord group members over the next 12 months which can lead to positive change in your community. We recommend you review and evaluate your accord strategies and terms on an annual basis.

Some strategies implemented by accord groups may be considered a restrictive trade practice. Registering your accord provides you with the protection under the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW).​

For help with registering your accord, and/or selecting your strategies, you can contact us by email or call 02 9995 0312​.