Resources and Posters

    Top tips

    Top tips for Liquor Accords​

    Events and case studies

    Visit our events page for upcoming events

    Watch the Liquor accord membership video

    View the Youtube playlist of the Sydney CBD Information Exchange.

    Watch the Liquor Accord 'Hung Over, You're Over Video on Youtube (2m55s) .

    ID and underage drinking posters

    Poster - Underage drinking ID checklist (PDF, 283KB)

    Poster - Refuse to sell – visual checklist for minors​ (PDF, 100KB)

    Poster - Don't risk it! Under 18? Trying to buy alcohol (PDF, 179KB).

    Liquor Accord strategies and terms posters/collateral (print and digital)

    Summer festive season tips poster​ (PDF, 167KB)

    If you are seen drinking alcohol on approach (PDF, 25KB)

    Still on the spot? On the spot fine (PDF, 102KB)

    No Excuse! $550 on the spot fine poster​ (PDF, 248KB)

    No Excuse! $500 on the spot fine - NEW poster (PDF, 116KB)

    No Excuse! $500 on the sport fine - NEW postcard​ (PDF, 760KB) 

    No Excuse! $550 on the spot fine- NEW digital screen​ (PDF, 200​KB)

    No shots, no shooters, no slammers, no bombs (PDF, 31KB)

    No shots after midnight (PDF, 31KB)

    No gang colours (PDF, 49KB)

    No ​​hoodies or headwear​ (PDF, 85KB)

    No shots after 1.30am (PDF, 31KB)

    No shots after [insert own time] (PDF, ​30KB)

    No shots, no shooters, no slammers, no bombs after midnight (PDF, 31KB).

    Cellar door house rules poster​ (PDF, 144KB)​​

    Party right posters

    Look after your mates​ (PDF, 1.7MB)

    Look after your self-ie (PDF, 2.9MB)

    Look after your mates TV-LCD Display Screen​ (​JPG, 248KB)

    Don't lose more than your passport​ (PDF, 3.8MB)

    Ask for Angela campaign

    Ask for Angela - poster (PDF, 300KB)

    Ask for Angela - coaster (PDF, 295KB)

    Ask for Angela - tips for venue staff (PDF, 738KB)

    Ask for Angela - business cards (PDF, 209KB)

    Ask for Angela - LCD screen (PDF, 150KB) 

    ​Liquor accord fact sheets

    Liquor Accord template - Constitution (MS Word, 299KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Constitution (PDF, 334KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - FAQ's (PDF, 214KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Funding strategies (PDF, 233KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Liquor Accord meetings (PDF, 191KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Membership drive (PDF, 225KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Running a successful Liquor Accord (PDF, 270 KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Safe transport (PDF, 309KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Venue management practices (PDF, 191KB)

    Liquor Accord fact sheet - Working with the media (PDF, 295KB)


    ​Privacy training for use with ID scanners