Start a liquor accord group

A liquor accord group usually starts with licensed venue operators joining key stakeholders such as police, council, and the local community.

In some cases, local police or a local council will establish a liquor accord as they see the benefits this can bring to their local area.

How we can help

If you think there is a need to set up a new liquor accord group in your area, we can help. 

These guides can step you through the process:

Top T​​ips for Liquor Accords​​ (PDF, 154KB)
A one page guide to the best plan of management when starting a liquor accord.​

Liquor Accord FAQs (PDF, 214KB)
Provides answers to the most common questions we get about starting a liquor accord group.

Running a Successful Accord (PDF, 191KB)
A guide to the fundamentals behind every active liquor accord group.

Constitution for liquor accord groups template (DOC, 299KB)
A generic constitution you can adapt for your own liquor accord group. This example provides structure and sets out details such as voting rights, and roles and responsibilities.

View the liquor accords membership brochure (PDF, 217KB).

For more information about liquor accord groups, email our team​ or call 02 9995 0312. ​