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​Apply for a liquor licence

You can apply for all new liquor licences online

It may save time and give you a digital record of your application.

Apply online and save

Applying for your liquor licence online saves you 10% off your processing fee.

Another advantage of lodging your application on line is that you do not need to notify your local council or police. This happens automatically via Liquor & Gaming NSW.

    Before you apply

    You may need to consult your local community before you apply for a liquor licence.

    Depending on the type of licence you want, this involves the preparation of a community impact statement (CIS). ​

    You need to complete a CIS if you apply for any of the licence types below.

    • Hotel
    • General bar
    • Packaged liquor licence (including bottle shops and online sales)
    • Nightclub licence (on premises)
    • Registered club licence
    • Multi-occasion extended trading authorisation (if the licence is not already authorised to trade after midnight on a regular basis)

    If you are not applying for any of these licences, you do not need to conduct a CIS unless we ask for one. We'll let you know when you lodge your application.

    In some situations, a small bar licence application may also involve a community impact statement (CIS). We may request a CIS for other applications on a case-by-case basis.

    We strongly advise you to be aware of L&GNSW's
    consideration of social impact under Section 48(5) of the Liquor Act 2007
     (PDF, 351 KB) when you prepare any application that requires a CIS.

    We can't accept your application if you don't conduct the correct CIS.

    Community Impact Statement and notification requirements

    You must notify your community within 2 days of lodging your application with L&GNSW. We cannot consider your application where notification is required.

    Depending on which type of application is being made, you may need to undertake the following notifications in your community:

    • notify local police – if you apply online this will happen automatically on your behalf 
    • notify your local council and neighbouring council if the premises are within 500 metres of the council boundary – if you apply online this will happen automatically on your behalf 
    • notify the Lands Division of the Department of Primary Industries if the premises are on Crown land
    • alert all neighbours within a 50 or 100 metre radius, depending on the type of application
    • attach a site notice to your premises so it is easily seen by passers-by. The site notice must remain until  your application is determined.

    For some liquor licence applications, a community impact statement must be prepared and submitted with your application.

    There are two types of community impact statement:

    As part of the CIS requirements, you may need to consult with particular members of your local community, including:

    • the Department of Health
    • the Department of Family and Community Services
    • Roads & Maritime Services
    • Recognised leaders of the local Aboriginal community (if any)
    • Occupiers of any neighbouring premises
    • Special interest groups or individuals

    To check if you need a CIS – and which type – please see community impact statements.

    You must complete the CIS process at least 30 days before lodging your application with L&GNSW.

    If you apply for a small bar licence and you are exempt from a CIS, you only need to notify the local police.

    Lodging your application

    On some applications we ask for your industry profile (or the industry profile of the licensee or approved manager). To calculate the profile, use our industry experience Profile Calculator​When lodging your application please ensure all attachments are in PDF format.​

    We can't consider your application until you lodge all the following documents:

    When your application is lodged, we will put it on the Liquor Application Noticeboard. The public then has 30 days to make any comments about your proposal.