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Cancel your liquor licence

You can surrender your liquor licence by completing a AM0090 surrender liquor licence application (PDF, 724KB).

Where it is proposed to surrender a liquor licence, the written consent of the premises owner and business owner is required and must be included in the application form.

What to do if you temporarily cease trading

For less than 6 weeks

As a licensee, you can apply to Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) to suspend a licence for a reasonable period. You must specify the proposed dates for the suspension and give reasons.

Apply for a voluntary suspension (PDF, 88KB).

Cease to trade notification

For 6 weeks or more

If you want to stop using your liquor licence for 6 weeks or more – during renovations, for example – you must notify L&GNSW. Apply for a cease to trade notification (PDF, 98KB).

When you want to resume trading, you must notify L&GNSW. Apply for a re-commence trading​ (PDF, 94KB).

Liquor licences that cease to trade, or are suspended ​voluntarily, are still subject to the annual liquor licence ​fee​.