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Licence conditions

Every liquor licence in NSW is subject to licence conditions. 

Some conditions are i
mposed automatically by the NSW liquor laws and others can be imposed by Liquor & Gaming NSW or the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority.

This can happen either when you are granted a liquor licence or following a serious complaint or incident involving your venue.

Find out more about the conditions for each type of liquor licence.

Note these statutory conditions have been updated to reflect changes made in the Liquor Regulation 2018.

Statutory licence conditions

Conditions for special precincts

All venues in the Kings Cross precinct ​or Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct​ have special licence conditions to help reduce alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour in those areas.

Conditions for a specific venue

You can use the Service NSW licensing register to check the conditions imposed on a specific licence.

To search this public register, you need to know at least one of the following:

  • the name of the liquor licence
  • the name of the licensee
  • the venue's liquor licence number.

Availability of liquor licence and conditions to staff

Licensees must ensure that staff have access to and are aware of the liquor licence and any related authorisations or conditions at all times.

Extended trading hours

Extended trading hours may be approved for hotels and eligible registered clubs to coincide with significant special events.

Special events include the NRL Grand Final and Rugby World Cup matches.

Extended trading hours conditions

Extended trading for special events is subject to conditions:

  • While the approval allows hotels and eligible registered clubs to remain open for on-premises sales and consumption, it does not permit takeaway liquor sales during the extended period
  • The approval does not override any existing trading hour restrictions that have been imposed on a hotel or registered club under the liquor laws
  • The approval also does not affect restrictions on trading hours imposed by local councils under the planning laws.

Hotels and clubs that are already approved to trade during the above extended hours are not affected by these special arrangements.