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​Liquor licence FAQs

    How do I apply for a liquor licence?

    You can apply for most new liquor licences online through OneGov - the government licensing service website. This method saves time and gives you a digital record of your application. From 1 March applications lodged online will be subject to a reduced fee.

    You can still download forms and apply by post, email or over the counter at Liquor & Gaming NSW.

    To help you work out which licence is right for you and which forms you need please see which licence do I need?

    L&G NSW will not start to consider your application until all necessary documents have been supplied.

    How much does a liquor licence cost?

    It depends on the type of liquor licence you want. Consult the Liquor Fee Schedule for more information.

    In addition, you must also pay an annual licence fee, and any loadings which take into account your venue's:

    • trading hours
    • compliance history
    • patron capacity
    • location.

    Read more about NSW's Annual licence fee.

    How long does it take to get a liquor licence?

    Applications are not considered until all documentation is submitted.

    After you lodge a complete application, we will post it to our online liquor application noticeboard for 30 days to allow public comment in accordance with the gaming and liquor legislation.

    In most cases, an application will be determined by ILGA within four months of the 30 day public submission period end date.

    How do I confirm that a liquor licence is still current?

    You can visit the Service NSW Public Register to check the status of any liquor licence in NSW. The register provides key information about a licence, such as the type of licence, name of the licensee, any conditions on the licence, and the licence category.

    Alternatively, you can use our website to search for licensed venues and find this information.

    What type of licence do I need for a restaurant?

    An on-premises licence is most appropriate for a restaurant. 

    Read the standard terms and conditions for an on-premises licence – restaurant (PDF, 322KB).

    What are the standard trading hours for a liquor licence?

    The standard trading hours for most liquor licences in NSW – other than a small bar or packaged liquor licence – are 5am to midnight Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 10pm Sunday.

    Standard trading hours for a small bar licence are midday to 2am Monday to Sunday.

    Standard trading hours for a packaged liquor licence are 10am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday. 10pm closure applies to Sundays.

    What licence do I need to sell liquor online?

    If you want to sell retail liquor online to the public you will need a packaged liquor licence.

    You must comply with the standard trading hours for a packaged liquor licence as no deliveries can take place before 10am or after 10pm.

    What liquor signs do I need for my venue?

    We have an online tool to help you find out which signs you need.

    Go to our signage page for further information.

    How do I buy liquor signs for my venue?

    You can buy liquor signs online from Shop NSW or by completing our liquor sign order form.

    How do I find out about liquor licence applications in my area?

    You can visit our online liquor application noticeboard to check the status of any liquor licence application in NSW. The noticeboard is updated daily.

    How do I object to a liquor licence applications in my area?

    You can download a submission form via the liquor application noticeboard and lodge it with Liquor & Gaming NSW.

    To make a submission:

    1. find the liquor licence application using either the simple or advanced search option
    2. click on the liquor licence application number
    3. fill in the submission form that appears and post or deliver it to us.

    Can I take my liquor licence to a new address?

    Yes. If you are moving your business to another venue, you can apply to take your liquor licence with you.

    Moving your licence has more information about how to take your liquor licence to a new address.

    What do I do to take over the liquor licence of a business that I buy?

    You can apply to transfer the liquor licence into your name. From late February 2016, this will be available online.

    There are 4 ways you can transfer a licence:

    Streamlined liquor licence transfer.

    With written permission of the outgoing licensee.

    Without written permission of the outgoing licensee.

    Following the death, disability or bankruptcy of a licensee.

    How do I find out where is my liquor licence application is up to?

    You can visit our online liquor application noticeboard to check the status of your liquor licence application. The noticeboard is updated daily.

    You can also call our customer service centre on 1300 024 720​

    When do I not need a liquor licence?

    In some situations, you don’t need a liquor licence to sell alcohol, for example in bed and breakfast establishments, retirement villages or nursing homes.

    We’re a not-for-profit organisation; do we need a liquor licence for our fundraiser?

    You may be eligible to sell alcohol at up to six fundraising functions a year without the need to obtain a limited licence. 

    Alternatively, you can apply for a limited licence, which will allow you to sell alcohol to the public for consumption at a function.

    Limited Licence Application Form​ (PDF, 147KB).

    How do I make a complaint about a noisy pub in my area?

    The simplest way to resolve a local disturbance is to speak or write to the manager of the venue as soon as possible. However, if you can't resolve the issue, there is a more formal complaints process.

    Please see Disturbance complaints​ for more information.

    How do I get my National Police Check? 

    To apply for a current NSW National Police Check, you can complete NSW police check online or visit the NSW Police website.

    For information about how to get your National Police Check, including a full list of the Accredited Organisations please visit the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission website.

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