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Change of 6-hour closure period

The 6-hour closure period is a continuous block of 6 hours when you can't sell or supply liquor on your licensed premises. The same 6-hour block applies to each day.

The 6-hour closure – usually from 4am to 10am – applies to any licence or extended trading authorisation granted on or after 30 October 2008.

You need to change the 6-hour closure period on your licence if it conflicts with new trading hours you want to establish.

You can lodge applications to change your trading hours and applications to change your 6-hour closure period together. We'll assess them at the same time.

Development consent

To change the current conditions or trading hours on your licence, you must check if you also need to vary the development consent for your premises. It is up to you to lodge the relevant application with your local council.

Before you lodge an application

Please make sure you notify the local police, local council and neighbouring premises. We can't approve your application if you don't do this correctly.

How much will it cost?

To calculate your fee, consult the Liquor Fee Schedule

How long will it take?

Changing your 6-hour closure period takes about 16 weeks.

Once you lodge a complete application, we will post it to our online Liquor and Gaming Application Noticeboard for 30 days to allow public comment.

Following this 30-day submission period, you can expect us to determine your application within 8-12 weeks.

There will be a delay if you fail to give us all the right information or do not respond to any of our requests for details.

What next?

Apply to change your liquor licence 6-hour closure period​ (PDF, 134KB).