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Change of boundaries

You must apply if you want to change the footprint or size of your licensed premises.

We'll need a plan of your venue that outlines the current licensed area in one colour and the proposed licensed area in a second colour.

Use this example venue footprint plan as a guide (DOC, 1MB).


You must also use a third colour to outline any authorisations on your licence, such as those for primary service, extended trading hours or minors' areas.

Use this example venue authorisations plan as a guide (PDF, 85KB).

Extended trading

If you want to extend the footprint of your licensed premises and you want an existing extended trading authorisation (ETA) to apply to the new area, you must also apply to change your ETA.

Extended trading authorisation - hotel licence (PDF, 174KB)
Extended trading authorisation - club licence (PDF, 170KB)
Extended trading authorisation - special occasion (PDF, 145KB)

If you don't apply to change your ETA, we'll allow liquor sales within the new licensed area only during the standard trading period.

Minors area

If you have a hotel licence and you want to extend the footprint of your licensed premises – and you want a Minors Area Authorisation (MAA) for the new area – you must also lodge an application to change your MAA.

Lodge an application to change your Minors Area Authorisation (PDF, 125KB).

Multiple premises for producer/wholesalers

If you have a producer/wholesaler licence and you want to licence multiple venues, you need to prove that each venue is located in the same wine region.

If none of the venues are located in a wine region, you need to prove t​​​​hat they are within 20km of each other.

Before lodging an application

Please make sure you notify local police and the local council. We can't approve your application before you do this correctly.

How much will it cost?

Refer to the Liquor Fee Schedule to calculate your fee. 

How long will it take?

Change of boundaries authorisations takes about 16 weeks, once all the required information has been submitted.

Once you lodge a complete application, we will post it to our online Liquor and Gaming Application Noticeboard.

Following this 30-day submission period, you can expect us to determine your application within 8-12 weeks.

There will be a delay if you fail to give us all the right information or do not respond to any of our requests for details.

What does Liquor & Gaming NSW need?

When lodging your application please ensure all attachments are in PDF format.​

  • A complete application form and fee.
  • A plan of the current licensed area and any authorisations. Outline the licensed area in red and show authorisations in another colour. Include a key to show the meaning of eac​​h colour.
  • A plan of the proposed licensed boundaries and any proposed authorisations. For extended trading hours include a community impact statement.
  • How to submit a floor plan with a liquor licensing application (PDF, 771KB)

What next?

Apply to change the boundaries of your licence (PDF, 139KB).