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Change of location

Liquor licences are attached to premises, not a person. If you want to relocate your business, you must apply to take your liquor licence with you. We call this a removal application.

We treat removal applications like applications for new liquor licences. The fee to remove a liquor licence is the same as the fee to apply for a new liquor licence of the same type.

Some things to remember

  • We may impose a new set of trading hours on your licence.
  • We will impose a 6-hour closure period on your licence.
  • Any authorisation that applies to your licence at its current location (such as extended trading hours) will no longer apply.
  • We will always give you an opportunity to respond before imposing new conditions or trading hours on your licence.
  • If you want new authorisations to apply to your new premises, you must lodge an application for these authorisations at the same time you apply to remove your licence. 

What type of licence do you want to change?

How to change the location of your liquor licence depends on the type of licence you hold.