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​Moving your licence

Liquor licences are attached to premises, not a person.

If you are moving your business to another location, you must apply to take your liquor licence with you.

In fact, we treat an application to remove a liquor licence from one venue to another the same as an application for a new liquor licence.

The fee to remove a liquor licence is the same as the fee to apply for a new liquor licence of the same type.


We might impose new conditions on your new licence, depending on how you want to operate your venue and any feedback we get about your proposed licence removal.

Liquor & Gaming NSW will always give you a chance to respond before we impose new trading hours or conditions on your liquor licence.

Any authorisation that applies to your liquor licence at its current premises – primary service, minor's area, extended trading – will no longer be valid.

If you want new authorisations for your new premises, you must apply for them at the same time that you lodge your application to remove your liquor licence. 

Types of licence removal

Lodging an application

We will not consider your application until you give us the following:

  • a complete application form and fee
  • a community impact statement – if it applies
  • evidence of development consent from your local council
  • evidence of approval for outdoor seating – if it applies
  • an ASIC extract with details of directors and officeholders
  • a plan of the premises outlining in red the area you want to licence.

We advise you to read our guideline on the
consideration of social impact under Section 48(5) of the Liquor Act 2007 
(PDF, 351KB) ​when you prepare any application that needs a CIS. If you don't conduct the proper CIS we can't consider your application.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.