​Transfer your licence due to death, disability or bankruptcy of licensee

If a licensee was using a liquor licence immediately before their death, bankruptcy or disability, another adult can continue to operate that licensee's business for up to one month if they are:

  • the licensee's spouse or de facto partner
  • a member of the licensee's family
  • someone who carries on business on behalf of the family.​

You must notify Liquor & Gaming NSW immediately and we may endorse continuation of the licensed business by the person you nominate.

We must be satisfied that this person is fit and proper to hold the liquor licence. He or she will need a current National Police Certificate (NPC) issued by NSW Police Force.

Apply to NSW Police Force for a copy of your National Police Certificate.

Apply with AM0323 Liquor licence transfer: death, disability or bankruptcy of existing licensee form​ (PDF, 1MB)​. To calculate your fee, consult the Liquor Fee Schedule.

Once the NSW Supreme Court grants probate (if required), we can transfer the liquor licence to the executor, administrator or to the person you nominate.