Notice of licence transfer

A notice of licence transfer is available at a reduced cost.

You can transfer a licence this way if you can satisfy these criteria:

  • The business owner is not changing
  • You are transferring to another licensee who has held the same licence type during the previous 3 years,
  • The proposed licensee has not committed a prescribed offence or been disqualified during that 3 year period, and the licence has not been suspended or cancelled.

This streamlined process benefits businesses that operate multiple liquor licences and regularly move their staff from one location to another.


To calculate the loading fees for your licence, refer to the Liquor Fee Schedule

Online transfers

You will need

To complete the online form you will need to download and complete the following declarations and attach them to the online form. Read Declaration types explained for details on each declaration required.

Individual Business owner transfer

For new licensees completing the transfer:

Individuals need:

For Business Owners completing the transfer:


Online submissions receive a 10% discount off processing fees.

Paper based transfers

Transfers can also be made offline by completing the Transfer Notification - Form AM0330 (PDF, 172KB).