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Hotel licence

    The primary purpose of this licence is to sell alcohol to the public for consumption on and off the premises. Gaming machines may also be operated, subject to separate approval.

    This licence is for a variety of venues, such as accommodation hotels, as well as small and large bars.

    Trading hours

    Standard hotel licence trading hours are:

    • 5am to midnight Monday to Saturday
    • 10am to 10pm Sunday.

    Extended trading hours are possible following a hotel liquor licence application, including a community impact statement (CIS).

    For a premises with no gaming machines and no take-away alcohol sales, see alternatively a general bar licence or a small bar licence (capacity of 100 patrons).

    How much does it cost?

    A hotel liquor licence application costs $2,500.

    You also pay an annual liquor licence fee plus any applicable loading based on your venue's trading hours.

    Read more about NSW's Annual Liquor Licence Fee.

    Community involvement

    New hotel liquor licences require a Category B community impact statement, which must be prepared at least 30 days before lodging an application.

    All new liquor licences require a community consultation within 2 days of lodging a new licence application.

    How long does it take?

    Applications are not considered until all documentation is submitted.

    After you lodge a complete application, we will post it to our online liquor application noticeboard for 30 days to allow public comment in accordance with the gaming and liquor legislation.

    In most cases, an application will be determined by ILGA within four months of the 30 day public submission period end date.

    More information

    Find out more about a hotel licence from our 

    Next steps

    Make your licence more flexible

    You can tailor a hotel licence to suit your business needs by also applying for relevant licence authorisations and exemptions: