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Limited licence – multiple functions

A limited licence for multiple (multi) functions allows non-profit organisations, like sports clubs or community groups, to sell alcohol for consumption at up to 52 functions a year. Alcohol can only be sold and consumed at the function.

Common functions include:

  • balls
  • conventions
  • dinners
  • exhibitions
  • fairs, fetes or carnivals
  • performances
  • race meetings
  • sporting events – weekend match days
  • any other event or activity conducted for public amusement or entertainment, or to raise funds for any charitable purpose.

Non-profit organisations may be eligible to sell alcohol at up to six fundraising functions a year without the need to obtain a limited licence.

 What you'll need

  • ABN, ACN or Y/INC for the non-profit organisation
  • evidence of your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) qualifications
  • a floor plan clearly showing the proposed boundaries for the licensed area and key features, including entry/exit points, bar areas, any adjoining streets and the direction North 
  • if applicable, a copy of development consent or approval allowing the licence at your venue from your local council
  • details of the owner of the venue that will mainly be used for the functions
  • details for each function for each day, including the hours when liquor will be sold/supplied, estimated numbers of people attending each function, estimated quantities of alcohol to be sold, whether entertainment is provided  and availability of food
  • contact details for you or a person authorised to submit your application
  • if applicable, a completed applicant declaration (TDEC5) (PDF, 177KB)
  • payment.

 Trading hours

​Trading hours for a limited licence are determined by L&GNSW. They usually reflect the duration and type of function. Trading is not permitted between 3am and 6am.

Daily 6-hour closure period

A 6-hour closure period applies to all liquor licences, including those with extended trading hours. It usually starts at 4am and ends at 10am each day. 

You can apply to change the 6-hour closure period:

  • temporarily
  • permanently
  • to different times on different days of the week. 

In your application, you need to provide detail on:

  • the current and proposed hours of closure, and why the closing period should be changed 
  • the demonstrated or likely needs of patrons
  • the interests of the local community 
  • the opinion of local police on the proposal, if any
  • ways you will minimise harm associated with misuse and abuse of alcohol - including harm arising from violence and other anti-social behaviour
  • ways you will promote, sell and supply alcohol safely and responsibly
  • ways the proposal will not detract from the amenity of community life.


​​​The licensee and all staff involved in selling, serving or supplying alcohol need to have completed an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course and hold a valid NSW competency card. 

This requirement also applies to security staff and promotional staff conducting tastings on the premises.

The Liquor Regulation 2018 introduced an additional two compulsory courses for licensees and managers: 

  1. Licensee training 
  2. Advanced licensee training

It is best practice to keep copies of your and your staff’s qualifications in a register on the premises. 


​​​The law requires that all types of licensed venues display liquor signs. This includes a number of compulsory signs, depending on which licence and authorisations you have.


​Your application costs include:

  • an application fee
  • a non-refundable processing fee.

Use our Liquor Fee Schedule to calculate your fee.

Ongoing licence fees

A limited licence multi-functions is subject to annual liquor licence fee, due in April each year. Read more about annual liquor licence fees.


​Complete the application:
  • Online: - online applications must be lodged at least 18 days prior to the date of the function/event

  • Paper-based: printable form (PDF, 1.2MB) - emailed applications must be lodged at least 28 days prior to the date of the function/event.

Lodging your application online has several advantages:

  • you receive a 10% discount
  • the online form is easier to complete
  • it speeds up processing time.

Once your application is lodged, we will advertise it on the Liquor and Gaming Application Noticeboard for 30 days.

The liquor laws require consideration to any submissions made by police, councils, and other stakeholders. You will have the opportunity to respond to any submission or recommendations made by other parties before a decision is made.

Eligibility - you must be: 

  • a non-profit organisation such as a sports club, community group or local council
  • you must be 18 years or older and authorised to lodge this licence application

Notification of function dates

Once you have your licence, you must notify local police at least 14 days before you plan to hold your event/s. For annual events you need to notify police each year.

Your initial event/s can be included in your licence application. 

 More information

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