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Limited licence - single or multiple functions

    This licence allows a non-profit organisation, such as an amateur sports club, community group or charity, to sell alcohol to the public for consumption at a function. This licence does not allow you to sell takeaway alcohol.

    A limited licence is right for:

    • a single function
    • multiple functions over a 12-month period – up to 52 events.

    Your function may be any dinner, ball, convention, seminar, sporting event, race meeting, exhibition, performance, trade fair or other fair, fete or carnival. It can also be any other event or activity that is conducted for public amusement or entertainment or to raise funds for any charitable purpose.

    Non-profit groups may be eligible to sell alcohol at up to six fundraising functions a year without the need to obtain a limited licence. Read more about circumstances where you can sell liquor in NSW without a licence​ (PDF, 239KB)

    A limited licence is also available to organisations for special events or trade fairs.

    How much does it cost?

    • A limited licence – single function costs $80 (online) or $150 (post or email PDF)
    • A limited licence – multi-functions costs $500 (plus annual liquor licence fee).

    For a multi-function limited licence, you must also pay an annual liquor licence fee. 

    Read more about NSW's Annual liquor licence fee.

    More information

    Find out more with our 

    Next steps

    ​Apply using the appropriate form, along with any relevant authorisations and exemptions:

    Notification of function dates

    If you have a limited licence for multiple functions, you must keep the local police informed of the dates on which you plan to hold your functions. You must let the local police know at least 14 days before your function if it was not included in your initial licence application.

    Make your licence more flexible

    You can tailor a licence to suit your business needs by also applying for relevant licence authorisations and exemptions:

    If you are holding a function and want to sell liquor but do not qualify for a limited licence, you may consider holding a designated, one-off function supplied from a licensed hotel or corporate caterer with an on-premises licence using the Function on other premises authorisation - AM0030 (PDF, 170KB)

    Community involvement

    Limited licence applications do not always require a community impact statement, but Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) may request one after you lodge an application.

    All new liquor licences require a community consultation within 2 days of lodging a new liquor licence applications.​​