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Limited licence – trade fair

A limited licence for a trade fair allows organisations and businesses from a specific industry to sell or supply alcohol for take away or for consumption at a trade fair or exhibition. 

Examples of what may qualify as a trade fair are:

  • wine shows
  • food shows
  • agricultural shows
  • travel shows
  • outdoor equipment shows.

You can only apply for this licence as an individual.

 What you'll need

  • evidence of your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) qualifications
  • a plan clearly showing the proposed boundaries for the licensed area and key features, including entry/exit points, bar areas, any adjoining streets and the direction North
  • if applicable, a copy of development consent or approval allowing the licence at your venue from your local council
  • details about where and when the trade fair will be held and other details such as what liquor, food, entertainment will be available
  • estimated patron attendance at the trade fair
  • if applicable, requested liquor trading hours for consumption on premises and take away sales
  • details of the trade fair venue and business owner
  • contact details for you or a person authorised to submit your application
  • if applicable, a completed applicant declaration (TDEC5) (PDF, 177KB)
  • payment.

Who is eligible

To be eligible for a limited licence for a trade fair you must be:

  • an individual
  • 18 years of older and authorised to lodge this licence application.


​The application fee is $80 if lodged online.

The application fee is $150 if you apply by email or a posted application.


You can receive a discount if you apply online for a limited licence - trade fair licence. Online applications must be lodged at least 18 days prior to the date of the function/event.

Or, download a Limited licence trade fair - application form (PDF, 194KB). Emailed applications must be lodged at least 28 days prior to the date of the function/event.

What happens next?

When your application is lodged, we will put it on the Liquor & Gaming Application Noticeboard for 14 days. The community can then make any comments about your application.

Immediately before submitting your application, or within 2 working days, lodge a notice (which is part of the application form) and a copy of the application, to:

  • the local police station
  • local council or other consent authority
  • any other local council or other consent authority if the boundary is within 500 metres of the premises
  • the Lands division of NSW Department of Primary Industries, if the premises are on Crown land.

 More information

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