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On-premises licence

    This licence allows alcohol to be sold to the public for consumption on the premises with another product or service that is sold, supplied or provided to people on the premises.

    Common activities and venues for this licence include a restaurant or café, nightclub, theatre, cinema, accommodation premises, sporting facility, local product promotion or tourist operation or venue, catering service or function centre, university or college, airport or vessel.

    Trading hours

    Standard on-premises licence (except vessels) trading hours are:

    • 5am to midnight Monday to Saturday
    • 10am to 10pm Sunday.
    Extended trading hours are possible following an on-premise licence application, including a community impact statement.

    How much does it cost?

    An on-premises licence costs $700.

    You must also pay an Annual Liquor Licence Fee which takes into account your venue's trading hours.

    Read more about NSW's Annual Liquor Licence Fee.

    More information

    Find out more about an on-premises licence from our 
    Read the standard conditions for an on-licence premises related to:

    Make your licence more flexible

    You can tailor a licence to suit your business needs by also applying for relevant licence authorisations and exemptions: