​How to get your competency card

When you complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course, you'll get an interim certificate from your trainer that is valid for work for 90 days.

Check your details

It's important to immediately check your interim certificate to make sure the following details are correct:

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • your address.

​You won't get your competency card if your name and date of birth are incorrect and they don't exactly match your identification documents.

Your card is posted to the address displayed on your interim certificate.

To change details on your interim certificate, use the CC0300 Amendment to RSA/RCG interim certificate form (PDF, 710KB). You have to wait to get your new interim certificate before you can apply for your photo competency card.

Two steps to get your card

If your details are correct, you can apply for your photo competency card by following these two steps:​

​STEP 1: Get your identity documents ready

You need your interim certificate from your first competency training course and identification documents for Service NSW to process your competency card. 

You can still apply for your card even if your interim certificate has expired. However, you cannot work with an expired certificate. The interim certificate is valid for work for 90 days. 

The value of your ID must total 100 points - as explained on the back of your interim certificate

STEP 2: Visit your nearest participating Service NSW centre

Go online to the Service NSW Service Centre Locator or call 13 77 88 to find a Service NSW centre that can process your competency card (not all Service NSW centres can do this).

You must visit Service NSW in person. Other people can't apply for you. Bring your:

  • interim certificate from your first competency training course 
  • identification totalling 100 points. 

You won't get your competency card if you bring unacceptable identification documents, the details don't match exactly your interim certificate or photocopies instead of originals.

​​Service NSW takes your photo and asks for your signature as part of the application.

Your card will arrive by mail in four weeks.

Once you receive your card, you can also download a digital competency card from the Service NSW App. Visit the Service NSW website​ for more information on how to set up your MyServiceNSW account and download your digital RSA/RCG Competency Card.

Cost of your card

The cost of the competency card is included in the course fee you pay for RSA or RCG training. The costs of first-time ​courses vary between different training organisations. While the cost of the online Privacy training is free, you will need to pay $30 for a new competency card with your Privacy qualification added to it.

There is no additional cost for a digital licence. 

Renewal of your card, via the Liquor & Gaming NSW refresher training course, after the initial five years costs $35.

Take care of your card​

Your physical competency card is essential for any job that requires RSA, RCG or Privacy qualifications. Make sure you look after your card as you would your driver licence.

Your digital competency card, if you have opted in for one, is protected by your PIN on your Service NSW app, so don't ​​disclose the PIN to anyone. 


If you have questions about your competency card such as:

  • I've lost my card/My card was stolen. What do I do? 
  • Where is my card? It hasn't come in the mail 
  • There is a mistake on my card. My name/DOB is wrong.​
Read our RSA and competency card FAQs.