​Interim certificates

You get an interim certificate if you successfully complete one of these courses:

The training company you complete the course with gives you the interim certificate. It's valid for 90 days, and allows you to work immediately.

Keep your interim certificate with you at work. If you are caught working without your interim certificate or it's expired, you could be fined.

We advise you to apply for your photo competency card as soon as possible. It will take four weeks to get your card once you apply.

Lost your interim certificate? Ask your training provider to give you another copy.

What an interim certificate looks like

The front of an interim certificate has:

  • the interim certificate number
  • your name
  • the type of training
  • the name of the training organisation
  • the date of issue
  • the expiry date.

Front of a sample NSW RSA Interim Certificate ​ 















The back of the interim certificate has:

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • your address
  • an explanation of how to apply for your photo competency card
  • a list of documents you'll need to provide to prove your identity.


Back of a sample NSW RSA Interim Certificate​​

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