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How to become an approved RSA or RCG training provider

Registered Training Organisations (RTO) can apply to provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses for individuals seeking to work in the liquor and gaming industries in NSW.

RTOs can apply to provide training in a classroom or online.

Approved training providers must reapply each year to maintain their approval to provide RSA/RCG training and to retain access to the course management online portal. RTO's are provided with a digital identifier to feature on their website when advertising RSA and/or RCG courses.

Approvals are for the year from 1 July.

    Before you apply

    • Check the conditions to determine your eligibility to deliver approved RSA and/or RCG training courses:
    • Additional conditions are contained in the application form relevant to each mode of training delivery
    • Complete the application form/s and pay an application fee.

    Application and renewal fees

    Application fees

    There are fees involved to apply to submit an application to become a registered training provider.  Please refer to our fee schedule

    For the application form, please contact

    Approvals expire on 30 June each year.  

    Renewal fees

    Annual renewal fees apply to all approved training providers seeking to renew their licence.  Please refer to our fee schedule for the current training year fees. 

    When to renew

    Liquor & Gaming NSW will contact course providers with important information about their renewal including how to apply, payment dates and fees for the coming training year.

    All current approvals will expire on 30 June. Approved training providers must ensure the renewal process is completed at this time.

    If we do not get your application to renew, you will lose access to the online portal . This will affect the completion of any existing courses and printing of any interim certificates.

    RTO's will be required to re-apply to deliver RSA and/or RCG courses.

    Application forms

    A list of application forms can be found on the Registered training provider forms page.

    Access to the online portal system

    As an RTO, you need to use the online portal system. Read about:

    • how to access the system
    • how to use the system
    • the minimum software and hardware you need. 

    Keep your details current

    Please let us know about any changes in your contact details so that we can send you a renewal reminder and other important updates. Ensuring your details are correct is an important condition of approval.

    You can update your details using the CC0800 Change of details for RTO or trainer form (PDF, 62KB).

    Notification of employed trainers

    Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) must tell us whom they are employing as RSA and RCG trainers by using the CC0200 Trainer notification from RTO form (PDF, 272KB).

    Become an RSA online provider

    Training providers must already have approval to conduct classroom RSA training courses to be eligible to apply for online training. 

    There are a limited number of RTOs providing the RSA course online. You can apply to be considered as an online provider if you are:

    • a TAFE NSW campus
    • an industry association
    • a training provider nominated by an industry association.

    There is an application fee to apply for consideration to become an RSA online provider.  

    Please refer to our fee schedule

    For the application form, please contact