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Responsible Service of Alcohol

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) helps control the negative impacts alcohol has on our community. RSA has been part of NSW's liquor laws for more than 100 years. Presently, it deals with:

  • intoxicated minors (anyone under 18)
  • alcohol-related violence and crime
  • drunk and disorderly patrons
  • noise disturbances.
To comply with RSA laws, licensees and venue staff must:​
  • recognise the signs of impending intoxication
  • not serve anyone who shows these signs
  • not serve anyone who arrives already intoxicated
  • understand the principles of 'standard drinks​' and drink driving levels
  • discourage patrons from actions that can harm themselves or others
  • understand the impact of alcohol on our community.

Why you need RSA training

Standard drink and alcohol guidelines

Preventing intoxication

Ejecting patrons

RSA in precincts

RSA fines

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