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​Liquor promotions

Licensees need to be aware of the responsibilities associated with running liquor promotions.

Any liquor promotion must not:

  • encourage irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol
  • have special appeal to minors
  • be indecent or offensive, and
  • be out of step with general community standards.

Unacceptable liquor promotions

Examples of liquor promotions that are unacceptable include the following:

  1. Appeal to minors - because of the design, name, motifs or characters used
  2. Indecent or offensive - through the use of images, including the human body, which may considered offensive by a reasonable adult
  3. Non-standard measures – for example, yard glass, slammers, water pistols, etc. that encourage irresponsible drinking
  4. Emotive descriptions or adverting – for example, the use of slogans that focus on the excessive consumption alcohol such as 'drink like a fish' or 'drink to you drop'
  5. Free drinks or extreme discounts – that promote excessive consumption of alcohol. For example, 'all you can drink' or encourage rapid consumption, such as '$50 voucher between 7-8pm only'
  6. Irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption – such as a drinking game, for example, '60 shots in 60 minutes' or 'boat races'.  Or sports event promotions such 'free beer until first points scored' or 'half price drinks until half time'
  7. Not in the public interest - such as promoting unlawful activity, anti-social behaviour, allude to consuming alcohol with illicit drugs or associating liquor consumption with violent or aggressive behaviour towards other people.

Find out more in these factsheets:

If you wish to make a complaint about a liquor promotion you can use our online feedback form or you contact Liquor & Gaming NSW​ on 1300 024 720.