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Why you need RSA training

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is mandatory for everyone in NSW who sells, serves and supplies alcohol. This includes:

  • licensees
  • club secretaries
  • club directors (if they serve alcohol)
  • managers
  • bar staff
  • service staff
  • RSA marshals
  • security staff.

RSA training also applies to:

  • volunteers
  • promotional staff
  • contract employees
  • casual employees.

You can work selling, serving or supplying alcohol ​only if you complete the NSW RSA training and have:

  • a photo competency card, or
  • a valid interim certificate.


If you come to work without your RSA competency card or it has expired, you can be fined – from $55 to $220 for each offence.

The fine is $440 for each offence if you work in the Kings Cross or Sydney CBD precincts.

We can also cancel or suspend your competency card for up to 12 months if you break your obligations. If we cancel your card, you will have to do the RSA training again to get a new card once your period of suspension has ended.


Licensees who allow staff to work without a valid RSA competency card can receive a fine – from $550 up to $1,100 for each offence. ​