Responsible Service of Alcohol training course

To sell or supply alcohol in NSW you must complete the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training course. RSA training applies to:

  • club secretaries and club directors (if they serve alcohol)
  • licensees and managers
  • service staff
  • RSA marshals
  • security staff
  • promotional staff
  • volunteers

The RSA Course

The RSA course is part of an effort to better manage the negative impacts alcohol can have on our community.

Course materials: The RSA Student Course Notes (PDF 9.2MB) includes the most recent changes to liquor laws. 

The RSA course covers a range of topics, including:

1.    the context of RSA in NSW

2.    the legislative framework for RSA

3.    preventing intoxication and underage drinking.

Only an approved RTO can conduct RSA course training and issue certificates.

From 1 July 2018, students undertaking RSA in NSW will also be issued with a National RSA Statement of Attainment, which may allow them to work in other states in Australia, subject to each state's requirements.

Cost: The price of the first-time course varies between different training organisations. The amount paid includes the cost of your NSW competency card.

Three steps to obtain your first RSA:

1.    Complete the RSA course: 
Complete the first-time course in a classroom or online environment through an approved RTO

2.    Receive an interim certificate: 
Once you've successfully completed the course, you will receive an interim certificate on the day. This certificate is valid for 90 days and allows you to work immediately.

3.    Apply for your photo NSW competency card:
Take your interim certificate with you to apply for your NSW competency card at a Service NSW Service Centre, where you will have your identity checked and your photo taken.

Your photo NSW competency card will be valid for five years from your first course completion date. 

Tip: Apply for your photo NSW competency card as soon as possible as it will take one month to arrive. Your interim certificate is only valid for three months.

Renew every five years

Refresher training is mandatory every five years to renew your NSW competency card. We will send you a reminder when your NSW competency card is due to expire.

You'll then have 90 days to complete the online refresher training as part of the renewal process – for the cost of renewal, please refer to our fee schedule.

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