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Minors in licensed venues

Minors are allowed in many licensed venues in NSW.

However, there are strict controls in place for some types of venues, particularly small bars, hotels and registered clubs, to prevent minors from getting access to alcohol and to ensure they are adequately supervised by a responsible adult.

For example, a minor is not allowed in a small bar when liquor is being sold and supplied.

While some limited exceptions apply, a minor is also not allowed in a bar area of a hotel or registered club, regardless of whether they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

In areas of a hotel or registered club where minors are allowed, such as the dining area or area where a minors area authorisation is in force, a minor must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Under NSW liquor laws, a responsible adult is defined as an adult who is:

  • a parent or guardian of the minor
  • the minor's spouse or de facto partner, or
  • for the time being standing in as the parent of the minor.

Further information about minors on licensed premises is available in Underage drinking laws fact sheet (PDF, 272KB)

Offences for minors

Under NSW liquor laws, minors can also be fined for breaking the law, such as entering or remaining in a bar area of hotel or registered club and/or consuming alcohol on a licensed premises.

A list of offences and penalties that apply to minors who break the law see Underage drinking fines.