Liquor and Gaming NSW

​South Grafton club fined $5,000 by liquor regulator

28 July 2011, [PDF,19kb]

A South Grafton registered club has been fined more than $5,000 following an investigation by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR).

Undercover inspectors staged a covert operation at the club on June 25 following complaints about neighbourhood disturbance from local residents.

Inspectors observed intoxicated patrons involved in acts of violence and anti-social behaviour in the immediate vicinity of the premises.

The problems were exacerbated by poor security practices at the club.

On June 28 inspectors returned to the club to carry out a full compliance audit and discuss the incidents with venue management.

The audit detected 22 breaches of liquor, gaming machine and registered club laws resulting in the issuing of 10 penalty notices totalling $5,280 and 11 compliance notices (formal warnings).

Breaches include failing to keep an incident register in the approved form, failing to display a notice relating to minors, and failing to make responsible gambling information available to gaming machine players.

OLGR also made recommendations to assist the club to minimise incidents of intoxication,

violence and neighbourhood disturbance. These include reinforcing fail to quit offences to ejected patrons, prohibiting bikie gang colours, and employing responsible service of alcohol marshals in peak trading times.

OLGR and local licensing police will continue to monitor the club to ensure it strengthens alcohol and security management and complies with the law.