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​New legislation to support banning orders and ID scanners in Kings Cross

Saturday 6 July 2013

The NSW Government is moving to implement the next phase of efforts to address alcohol-related issues in Kings Cross, Minister for Hospitality, George Souris, said today.

Mr Souris said the Liquor Amendment (Kings Cross Plan of Management) Bill 2013 will be introduced to Parliament during the next session to:

  • Enhance banning orders in the Kings Cross precinct
  • Require the introduction of ID scanners in high-risk venues
  • Allow for irresponsible bar staff to have their Responsible Service of Alcohol cards revoked or cancelled
  • Require approved managers to be present in high risk licensed venues to assist in supervising and managing the conduct of the business
  • Require hours of operation signs to be displayed by licensed venues

"The NSW Government continues to act to target alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour in Kings Cross. Significant progress has already been made since the Government’s first phase of measures came into effect in December last year." Mr Souris said.

"Data held by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing show that since the start of the regulation on 7 December 2012, in the period to 31 March 2013 there has been a 33% reduction in violent incidents in licensed premises on the previous year.

"This shows our measures have an impact but there is more work to do," he said.

Minister for Police, Michael Gallacher, said the new Bill will allow for police to issue temporary bans for intoxicated or disorderly behaviour, as well as long-term banning orders of up to 12 months that can be issued by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority on police application for serious cases.

"This would mean that a banned person will not be allowed to enter any high risk venue in Kings Cross during the period of the ban," Mr Gallacher said.

"High risk venues will be those that trade after midnight, have a capacity of more than 120 patrons, or are designated as such by the Police Commissioner and the Director General of NSW Trade & Investment.

"Long term banning orders will be reviewable by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal," Mr Gallacher said.

Mr Souris said the Bill will also require high risk Kings Cross venues to install linked identity scanners to record the identity of all patrons and banned persons.

"The Bill will contain a number of safeguards to ensure the integrity of the precinct’s ID scanning system and to protect personal data captured by the system, with significant penalties for non-compliance," Mr Souris said.

"It will require licensees and staff operating ID scanners in high risk venues to undergo privacy training, which will be endorsed on their RSA competency card. Licensees will be required to adopt an approved privacy management plan and policy.

"The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority will also be able to suspend or revoke a person’s RSA competency card if satisfied that privacy or responsible service of alcohol breaches have occurred in Kings Cross."