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Make a complaint

    How do I make a complaint or report an incident?

    A complaint lets us know about something that has happened, that may have broken one or more of the laws that Liquor & Gaming NSW is responsible for. This is known as a breach.

    Complaints can also be lodged to provide us with general information or intelligence about something that has happened, or might happen, in relation to a licensed venue or other entity we regulate. 

    Before you lodge your complaint, we suggest you raise your complaint with the venue or people concerned (if it is safe to do so), particularly if your complaint relates to a product or service received.

    This is especially the case for disturbance concerns, as these can often be resolved quickly through discussions with the venue in question.

    You can access the online complaints form by following the link below and selecting ‘report an incident or suspected wrongdoing’.

    Are there a other agencies that may be able to help?

    You can also raise your concerns with a number of other organisations, for example if your complaint involves:

    Noise disturbances

    If your complaint relates to noise or disturbance, please visit our noise disturbance complaints page  for more information.

    What happens when I make a complaint?

    We will try to respond to your complaint within five working days, if you provide your contact details.

    Complaints can result in a number of actions being taken, including compliance officers:

    • raising the complaint with the venue or responsible person
    • issuing formal warnings, fines, legal proceedings or other disciplinary action.
    For more information read FS3130 How we handle complaints (PDF, 142KB)

    ​Feedback or complaints about our service or website

    We always try to provide the best service we can, but we understand that sometimes we might fall short. If you want to complain about a service you have received from our office, or a problem you have with our website, we take all feedback seriously. Please go to our feedback page to let us know how we can improve.