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Our initiatives

We’re committed to establishing and executing progressive initiatives that benefit our wider community.

Our efforts are focused on supporting businesses in their provision of liquor and gaming while managing the impact these services could have on customers and their community. Initiatives include:

Responsible Gambling Fund

The Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF) funds programs and services that aim to reduce the harm of problem gambling on individuals and communities in NSW.
Find out more: Responsible Gambling Fund

Liquor Accords

Liquor Accords are voluntary community partnerships that collaboratively develop strategies to reduce alcohol related harm in local communities. The aim is to find solutions that are tailored to the local area’s specific challenges and ensure venues and precincts are safe and enjoyable for everyone.
Find out more: Liquor accords

Infrastructure Grants

Infrastructure grants provide a state-wide funding pool for large scale projects associated with sport, health, and community infrastructure.
Find out more: Infrastructure Grants

Community Development Fund

The Community Development Fund was established to create and implement programs for community benefit. The fund is financed through unclaimed poker machine jackpot prizes and unclaimed gaming machine tickets.