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6 July 2018

Club Industry Training Framework Evaluation available

Liquor & Gaming NSW has completed an evaluation of the Club Industry Training Framework.

This mandatory training helps ensure club directors and managers have the governance skills required to make significant business decisions, understand their responsibilities in managing community assets, and understand their transparency and accountability obligations.

The purpose of the evaluation was to determine:

  • perceptions of the effectiveness of the framework in improving the club industry’s governance standards
  • whether improvements could be made to the delivery and content of the training
  • the extent to which club directors and managers have met the training requirements
  • whether there were barriers to accessing the training for club directors and managers.

The evaluation interviewed a number of industry stakeholders and received survey responses from club directors and managers. Course materials and data on training completion were examined.

The feedback helped shape the evaluation report and the recommendations that have been made to improve club industry training.

Evaluation findings

Most stakeholders agree that governance standards in the club industry have improved over recent years.

The evaluation found that:

  • most stakeholders recognised the significance of the training and supported the training requirements
  • club directors and managers that completed the training reported a high level of satisfaction with the training courses.

Stakeholders identified cost and availability as barriers to participating in the training, particularly for small clubs in regional areas.

Outcomes of the evaluation

To work together with club industry bodies to develop measures to overcome the barriers recognised in the evaluation and provide more support to clubs, we will establish a Club Industry Working Group in the second half of 2018.

The Working Group will bring representatives from Liquor & Gaming NSW and club industry bodies together to discuss issues such as:

  • promoting training requirements and benefits
  • improving training materials for directors and managers
  • providing financial assistance to clubs struggling to cover the cost of training
  • improving access to training for clubs in regional areas.

To improve transparency and accountability, clubs will be required to report on their completion of the training requirements. This requirement will be reflected in amendments to the Registered Clubs Accountability Code. To help clubs report on their training completion, we will provide a template by September 2018 for clubs to use.

Read the full evaluation report PDF, 449.77 KB.