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1 April 2019

Kings Cross venues using the ID scanner network can now share patron ban information

ID scanners in Kings Cross were upgraded on 1 April, so venues using the Kings Cross ID scanner network can share certain information with each other about patrons they have banned, subject to strict privacy controls.

This will help venues prevent known troublemakers from entering their premises.

Since the ID scanner system was introduced in 2014, venues using the ID scanner network have only had access to information on patrons who are subject to formal bans issued by Liquor & Gaming NSW and police. These bans continue to operate as before.

The system has been reconfigured so that:

  • If a patron banned by one venue using the ID scanner network attempts to enter another venue in the network, staff will be alerted via the ID scanner.
  • The alert will include why the patron has been banned.
  • The venue can then make an informed decision about whether to admit the patron.

Bans issued by NSW Police and Liquor & Gaming NSW continue to operate as before, and this information remains accessible via the ID scanner network.

Privacy considerations

The ID scanner system has been developed with strict controls to prevent breaches of patrons’ privacy:

  • Venues cannot retrieve patrons’ personal details and only the minimum information required to effectively share the ban is shown.
  • Kings Cross venues using ID scanners must adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 and have a privacy policy.
  • Staff operating ID scanners must have completed privacy training.

Information for venues that are Liquor Accord members

The upgrade also supports the Kings Cross Liquor Accord to implement a “barred from one, barred from all” policy. More information about this will be sent to member venues from the liquor accord.

More information

More information, including grievance procedures for banned patrons, is available on our website.