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3 March 2018

Improved access to gaming machine data

To further improve transparency and make it easier for people to access data, Liquor & Gaming NSW is now publishing gaming machine data for free on our website.

Traditionally, data has been provided annually in NSW Government annual reports.

The following data is now available and will be updated every six months:

  • Gaming machine net profit for each Local Government Area (LGA)
  • The number of gaming machines in clubs and hotels for each LGA
  • Gaming machine tax paid to the NSW Government for each LGA
  • The number of gaming machines at each venue
  • Net profit rankings of all NSW venues with gaming machines

To help make the data simpler to understand, net profit has replaced turnover as the main data category for financial impacts of gaming machine activity. Net profit is the best indicator of how much money communities lose on gaming machines, and turnover has commonly led to wrong assumptions about the amount of money being lost.

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