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17 December 2019

Liquor and gaming guidelines published and updated

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) has published and updated several liquor and gaming guidelines:

  • Guideline 11 PDF, 402.61 KB* – Gives gaming machine applicants and the public information about the Class 1 Local Impact Assessment (LIA) process. ILGA’s ability to take neighbouring SA2s into account when considering an application was added to page six on 22 November. *Previously published as GL4014.
  • Guideline 13 PDF, 95.4 KB – Gives registered clubs information on how ILGA interprets the ban on payments to employees calculated in relation to a club’s alcohol sales or gaming machine profits. ILGA issued this guideline on 16 October.
  • Guideline 14 PDF, 240.5 KB – Gives liquor licensees and the public information on ILGA’s expectations regarding applications to change an approved business model, including changes to trading hours, conditions and licensed areas. ILGA issued this guideline on 13 November.

Find all ILGA guidelines on the ILGA website.