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21 December 2018

Liquorland Bondi Junction forced to shut for selling alcohol to minors

Liquorland Bondi Junction has been ordered to shut for 10 days after being caught serving alcohol to minors.

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority has suspended the business’s liquor licence from 14 to 23 January for the offence which was detected by NSW Police on 17 March this year.

Police were conducting an operation at Eastgate shopping centre when they saw a 30-year-old man buying a carton of beer for a group of eight to 10 minors.

While police detained these people for questioning, they saw a 16-year-old boy leave the shopping centre carrying a six pack of beer.

The boy had bought the beer from Liquorland without being asked for identification.

The 19-year-old salesman said he believed the minor looked over the age of 25. His employment was subsequently terminated.

This is the second time Liquorland Bondi Junction has had its liquor licence suspended for selling alcohol to minors under the NSW Government’s Minors Sanctions Scheme. In 2015, the business was given a 14-day suspension.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Deputy Secretary Paul Newson said serving alcohol to minors is one of the most serious offences under NSW liquor laws due to the high risks of harm.

“This case should serve as a reminder to all venues, particularly during the festive season when risks of alcohol-related harm are heightened,” he said.

“Takeaway alcohol outlets also need to be vigilant for offences whereby minors solicit adults to buy alcohol on their behalf.

“Under the Minors Sanction Scheme, escalating penalties apply for selling alcohol to under 18s including liquor licence suspensions, cancellations and disqualifications.

“Licensed venues are advised to ask for age ID of any patrons who appear under the age of 25. Further information on underage drinking laws is available.”

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