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28 June 2016

Making the talk less awkward

Talking to a loved one about problem gambling has become less awkward thanks to an innovative new e-card initiative developed by the NSW Government.

Talkward provides free animated e-cards aimed at breaking the ice on when confronting someone facing a gambling problem. The e-cards can be customised and personalised, allowing friends and loved ones to approach a serious subject in an upbeat manner.​

To start the conversation, users are able to direct their own 'awkward movie' by choosing a scene, naming characters and choosing types of gambling. The campaign recognises the key role family and friends play in encouraging problem gamblers to take their first steps towards recovery whilst acknowledging the awkwardness they may feel raising the subject.

The initiative has proved popular since its launch in May as part of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2016, with almost 700 e-cards created and sent to people. Alongside the website, a booklet with practical advice for family and friends who are concerned about som​eone can be ordered from the Gambling Help website.

Talkward represents an important step in taking the traditional messages contained in brochures that can found in gaming rooms, and spreading them in a digital way.