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15 November 2018

Ministerial media release: Outdated licence conditions to be axed

Issued by Minister for Racing Paul Toole

Outdated conditions that place unnecessary restrictions on licenced venues will be binned during a three-month blitz, Minister for Racing Paul Toole said.

Venues can have obsolete conditions removed from their licence conditions using a free and streamlined assessment service, Mr Toole said.

Many of these historical conditions can restrict the types of live music venues can offer or prevent the use of features such disco lighting or mirror balls.

“Some of the conditions were imposed decades ago and serve no purpose at all today. The NSW Government is committed to streamlining regulation of licensed venues to encourage safe and vibrant entertainment options,” Mr Toole said.

“In cases where conditions are no longer relevant, we invite venues to apply to Liquor & Gaming NSW to have them removed. This will enable them to expand the types of entertainment they offer.”

In many cases, conditions were imposed many years ago due to specific issues arising at a venue at the time. Venues may also have nominated particular types of entertainment when originally applying for a liquor licence, and these have been listed as conditions ever since.

This has unnecessarily restricted venues when they have sought to change their live music offerings from, for example, country and western to jazz.

Mr Toole said the new assessment service would remove the usual $110 application fee and streamline processes for faster outcomes. It will run from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019.

“Local police, councils and residents will still have the opportunity to comment on any proposals to remove or vary conditions,” Mr Toole said.

“In many cases, restrictive or unnecessary conditions on venues are also included in development consents imposed by local councils.

We encourage local government to also take a flexible approach in cases where venues apply to have these conditions removed.”

Venues can apply to Liquor & Gaming NSW to have their licence conditions removed or varied at any time.

MEDIA: Ashley Gardiner 0429 063 494