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16 May 2019

Minor changes to registered clubs governance

Two new disclosure requirements have been introduced under the Registered Clubs Amendment (Disclosures) Regulation 2019.

These changes came into effect on 28 February 2019 and provide greater transparency and accountability to club members and communities about club governance. The amendments were developed in consultation with the industry and build on reforms implemented in 2018.

Previous ineligibility disclosure

Anyone standing for election or who is appointed to a club board must disclose any previous period of ineligibility to be a club director or secretary as a result of disciplinary action against them by the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority that has since expired.

Club boards can request this information from potential appointees to help make informed decisions. However, it does not prevent someone from standing for election or being appointed.

The person standing or appointed needs to disclose:

  • during the nomination period as defined in clause 31A of the Registered Clubs Regulation 2015 to the club secretary, manager or returning officer (at least seven days before standing for election)
  • within seven days of being appointed, if the club board did not request this information prior to appointment, or within seven days of the request being made by the club board.

Clubs need to notify their members about any disclosures made by displaying a notice on the club premises and website, if they have one:

  • at least seven days before nominees stand for election
  • within 21 days of appointment being made, along with reasons for the appointment.

This provides greater transparency for club members regarding a person’s suitability for holding office on a club’s governing body.

More information about club boards can be found on our website.

Training disclosure

Clubs must make information about their directors’, secretaries’ and managers’ compliance with training required under the Registered Clubs Regulation 2015, and any exemptions claimed, available to their members.

This requirement is set out in clause 9A of the Registered Clubs Accountability Code.

The Club Accountability Disclosure Register XLSX, 461.55 KB now includes a template to help clubs record this information.

The suggested notice (Sign 2C) has also been updated to reflect this new requirement.

More information about this requirement can be found on our website and in the Guidelines for registered clubs accountability PDF, 275.56 KB.