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28 February 2019

New music festival licensing scheme commences 1 March 2019

The NSW Government has introduced a new music festival licensing scheme for specified music festivals, commencing 1 March 2019.

Under the Liquor Amendment (Music Festivals) Regulation 2019, it is the role of the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) to determine whether a festival would be more appropriately dealt with under a music festival licence than any other type of licence.

Festivals that may be required to apply for the new Music Festival Licence have been informed and have also now received a letter from the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority explaining its role and the process going forward.

ILGA is an independent decision-maker and may have regard to advice provided by NSW Health, NSW Police, and also to any submission made by the festival organiser.

All other music festivals will continue to be licensed as they have previously, and will not be affected by the introduction of the new Music Festival Licence.

If you are a festival organiser that has been advised you may need to apply for a Music Festival Licence, you can find more information about the new music festival licensing process here.

For all other music festival organisers, we recommend applying using the large scale commercial event – limited licence special event application, or alternatively, you may be able to use an on-premises licence if you or your event venue already holds one.