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18 June 2019

Outdated live entertainment conditions axed

Nineteen venues across NSW can now offer a wider range of live entertainment following the NSW Government’s three-month blitz to remove outdated and unnecessary liquor licence conditions.

The initiative is part of the Government’s commitment to support local nightlife and help live music thrive.

Many of these conditions were imposed decades ago due to particular issues at the time, but serve no purpose at all today.

They have in some cases prevented hotels and clubs from expanding the types of entertainment they offer.

Liquor & Gaming NSW offered a special three-month assessment service that waived the usual $110 application fee and used a streamlined process for faster outcomes.

As part of this process, local police, councils and nearby residents were invited to comment on the proposals to remove or vary conditions.

One of the venues that has had conditions removed, Civic Hotel in Sydney’s CBD, has a long history of offering live music. During the 1980s, it hosted iconic Australian acts including INXS and Midnight Oil.

The removal of an historical condition banning rock music means this genre can now return to the Civic Hotel, which has for many years been limited to other types of live music acts.  

In many cases, restrictive or unnecessary conditions were included in development consents imposed by local councils.

Venues may also have nominated particular types of entertainment when first applying for a liquor licence, and these have been listed as conditions ever since.    

Venues can apply to Liquor & Gaming NSW at any time to have live entertainment conditions removed.    

Below is list of venues with removed conditions, with conditions as worded on each venue’s liquor licence:

  • Bazz's Whine Bar, Windsor: No live entertainment, including DJs and live bands, is permitted on the premises.
  • Berry Bowling Club: There is to be no music until such time as the club lodges an acoustical engineer's report which certifies that the condition marked can be complied with. The functions may proceed but are subject to compliance with the condition. A one piece musician performance is not included in the condition.  Caution should be exercised in levels of amplification of such a performer or instrument.
  • Belfield Hotel, Belfield: No rock bands will be permitted and no discotheques will be conducted on the premises.
  • Bennett Hotel, Hamilton:No live entertainment is to be provided on the premises.
  • Bexley North Hotel: No rock bands to be engaged after 1 August 1982.
  • Cambridge Hotel, Parkes: Entertainment may be provided in the beer garden of the premises between the hours of 12pm and 9pm.  The entertainment provided is to be restricted to solo or duo acts and to acoustic guitars with or without an amplifier and microphone.
  • Civic Hotel, Sydney: Entertainment by way of Rock & Roll Bands to cease forthwith and not to resume until licensee satisfies Board the hotel can meet noise conditions attached to the Entertainment Authorisation.
  • Coast Hotel, Budgewoi: Only duos or trios are to provide any musical entertainment on the premises and no amplification of the drums or bass guitar is permitted. There is to be no amplified entertainment other than the jukebox.
  • Commercial Hotel, Lake Cargelligo: No regular entertainment is to be held from 5 November 1997. If entertainment is to be held for a special function, the OIC Lake Cargelligo Police is to be notified 14 days prior to the function.
  • Criterion Hotel, Sydney: No live or amplified entertainment is to occur on premises.
  • Croydon Lane, Cronulla: No live music including bands, DJ’s and/or karaoke.
  • Forresters Hotel, Surry Hills: There is to be no disco conducted on the first and second floors of the hotel.
  • Merimbula RSL Club: No rock bands are to perform in the premises.
  • Northies - Cronulla Hotel: The type of performers be restricted to soloists, duos and trios, and low background music and TV screens, and that there should be no live rock bands.
  • Orange Grove Hotel, Leichhardt: Bands to play only on Monday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Royal Hotel, Bowral: No rock bands are to perform in the premises.
  • Toukley RSL Sub-Branch Club: The club is not to engage 'hard rock' or large bands or excessively noisy bands, groups or entertainment. Live bands are to be limited to the old time dance band on Friday night and modern type music, 50/50 and dance functions on Saturday nights and the Sunday evenings of long or holiday weekends.
  • Wyong Rugby League Club: The club shall not engage rock bands of any type or bands which play rock music other than on six occasions during the year, on which occasions, advertisements will be displayed to inform local residents. On those occasions when the club conducts discotheques, the music shall cease at 12:30 am.
  • Yagoona Tavern, Yagoona: No rock bands are to be employed at the hotel. Nothing more than two light instruments are to be used, that is instruments which are consistent with compliance with Condition (a) of the Entertainment Authorisation. Any amplification used will have a switch to take out the bass sound.