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20 June 2016

RSA/RCG competency card online renewal now available

A Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) NSW competency card expires after five years.

You can renew your card in a few easy steps:

1. A renewal reminder and link to the online refresher course is sent to your email address or phone by SMS. Reminders start 90 days before your card expires. 
(tip: are your details up to date)

2. Complete the Liquor & Gaming NSW online refresher training on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

3. Pay a renewal fee and receive a renewal interim certificate by email.

Once you complete the refresher training, a new NSW competency card will be posted to you. You don't need to visit Service NSW to have your proof of identity check or photo taken.

If you hold a digital NSW competency card, it will automatically display the new expiry date.

The online renewal is available for 28 days after your card expires. If you don't renew during this time and want to work in the liquor and gaming industries you need to do a full course through an approved training provider of RSA/RCG courses.

Refresher Training

The online refresher training is fast-paced and takes up to 45 minutes to complete for each competency.

Liquor & Gaming NSW is the only provider of the online refresher training course.

You can't renew your card by doing a course with a registered training provider of RSA/RCG courses. 

Update your contact details

Check your contact details to make sure that you receive the renewal reminders by email and SMS.

How to update your contact details:

  • Use the online form (with your NSW competency card, mobile number and email address as supplied with your NSW competency card application).
  • Update your contact details on your digital NSW competency card.