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23 March 2018

Upgrade for Kings Cross ID scanners system

The NSW Government has improved the Kings Cross ID scanners system to give hotels and bars greater scope to share information on troublemakers banned from their venues, while ensuring privacy is safeguarded. This will help further improve safety and reduce alcohol-related crime in Kings Cross.

Under the ID scanner system:

  • patrons entering any of the 35 King Cross venues from 9pm must have their ID scanned and be photographed
  • patrons are refused entry if they are unable or unwilling to produce ID
  • people subject to formal banning orders from police are prevented from entering any venue in the network
  • Police and venue staff are automatically alerted if a person banned by Police tries to enter a venue
  • patrons who break the law or cause trouble inside venues can be identified and held responsible for their actions.

The system is being reconfigured to allow venues to share information on people they themselves have banned from their venue, as well as people subject to formal bans initiated by police and Liquor & Gaming NSW inspectors.

This will add an extra layer of security by giving venues more information about people who cause trouble and endanger the safety of law-abiding patrons.

The system has strict privacy safeguards to protect personal information, including the secure holding of encrypted data by the operator and full compliance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1998. Licensees and staff of venues in the Kings Cross precinct operating ID scanners must also complete a privacy training course.

A total of 169 people are currently subject to Long Term Banning Orders for the Kings Cross Precinct. Since being introduced in 2014, ID scanners have prevented banned people from entering venues more than 170 times, a highly successful outcome.