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Liquor licence freeze changes

Freeze conditions for existing pubs, clubs, nightclubs and bottle shops in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD entertainment precincts ended on 1 June 2020.

These venues can apply to vary their licence by extending trading hours and expanding licensed boundaries to increase overall patron capacity.

Kings Cross licensees may also apply to move a licence for relevant premises to the CBD Entertainment precinct if they wish to relocate to that area.

png – Sydney CBD entertainment precinct

Licence variations for existing businesses

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) has issued an interim guideline PDF, 1506.9 KB to ensure risks of alcohol-related harm continue to be managed in the precincts.

The interim Guideline details what has changed, eligible locations and other application criteria.

The Guidelines specifies 4 Cumulative Impact Areas with large concentrations of licensed premises and higher levels of alcohol-related violence and/or anti-social behaviour. Applications submitted for relevant premises in these areas must show account for the existing risk profile of the area and how the application meets social impact and harm minimisation criteria in the Guideline.

To apply, please complete and submit the relevant form:

Continued freeze for new liquor licence applications

The freeze on new liquor licence applications in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts is in place until 1 December 2020.

While the freeze is in place, new liquor licences can’t be granted for:

  • hotels and general bars
  • registered clubs
  • packaged liquor outlets such as liquor stores or bottle shops
  • public entertainment venues including traditional nightclubs that focus on pre-recorded music and DJ entertainment.

The freeze also prevents moving licences for the above premises to the CBD and Kings Cross precincts.

Licences not affected by the freeze

  • small bars
  • producers and wholesalers
  • on-premises licences for:
    • dedicated live music venues
    • venues that combine live music with visual or performance arts, or other cultural events
    • cinemas and theatres
    • restaurants, cafés and caterers.