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The Kings Cross precinct

The Kings Cross precinct stretches from Ward Avenue in the east to Victoria Street in the west to Manning Street in the north to Kings Cross Road in the south. Special licence conditions apply for certain venues in this area.

Apply to vary licences for existing Kings Cross venues

From 1 June 2020, some freeze conditions on existing licensed businesses are being lifted in Kings Cross.

The changes mean applications are open for pubs, clubs, nightclubs and bottle shops to vary their licence by extending trading hours and expanding licensed boundaries to increase overall patron capacity.

Kings Cross licensees may also apply to move a licence for relevant premises to the CBD Entertainment precinct.

Please also read the conditions in Prescribed Precincts.

More information

Conditions for higher risk venues in Kings Cross

Lock out of new patrons at 1.30am and last drinks at 3am

  • Most venues in the Kings Cross precinct can’t admit patrons between 1.30am and before 5am, or the authorised opening time, whichever is later.
  • Patrons who enter before 1.30am may leave at any time, but they can’t leave and re-enter after 1.30am.
  • Small bar licensees can trade until 2.00am if their development consent allows.
  • Venues must cease liquor sales at 3am. If authorised to trade past 3am, a venue can remain open for other purposes but mustn’t sell or supply liquor. Known as ‘last drinks’, this measure means alcoholic drinks mustn’t be served after 3.00am.
  • Live entertainment venues in Kings Cross can apply for a later 2am lockout and/or 3.30am last drinks(see below).

High strength drinks and shots are banned from midnight up to 7am

During the late trading period all venues, except small bars, must not serve:

  • drinks designed to be consumed rapidly such as shots or shooters
  • drinks containing more than 50% spirits or liqueur
  • pre-mixed beverages with more than 5% alcohol
  • drinks prepared by the venue that contain more than 30ml of spirits or liqueur.


The above does not prevent the sale or supply of cocktails:

  • included on a publicly displayed list prepared by the licensee, which list the cocktail’s ingredients and the price.
  • that aren’t designed to be consumed rapidly.

Between midnight and 3.30 am, cocktails mustn’t be discounted below the amount specified on the cocktail list.

Glass is prohibited during late trading on any day

No drinks, alcoholic or not, can be sold or supplied for consumption on the premises in a glass after midnight until closing. For 24-hour premises, this applies between midnight and 7am.

‘Glass’ includes any drinking container, such as a bottle or jug, made of glass.

During these periods, all glass must be removed from patrons and public areas.

Venues that must meet this requirement include:

  • hotels (including general bars)
  • club premises
  • public entertainment venues (other than a cinema)
  • karaoke bars
  • restaurants with a primary service authorisation.

RSA marshal

At least one clearly-identified RSA marshal must be on duty from midnight to 3.30am every Friday and Saturday night, and the night before and of public holidays.

Late trading venues that must meet this requirement include:

  • hotels (including general bars)
  • registered clubs
  • public entertainment venues including theatres
  • karaoke bars
  • restaurants with a primary service authorisation.

Find out more about RSA marshals

ID Scanners

Certain venues must use an ID Scanner from 10pm until lockout on Friday and Saturday nights, and the night before and of public holidays.

All staff operating scanners, including the licensee, must have completed Privacy training. Penalties apply where training hasn’t been completed.

A venue is required to refuse entry if a person:

  • refuses to produce photo ID for scanning.
  • is subject to a temporary or long-term ban.

Venues with access to information shared via the Kings Cross scanner ID network can refuse entry to patrons banned from other venues.

This ensures venues can make informed decisions about who they admit and prevent known troublemakers from entering.

It’s an offence for a person to provide a false or fake ID. Penalties of up to $5,500 and on-the-spot fines of $500 will apply to anyone using a fraudulent ID.

Find out more about ID Scanners and Privacy training

Read about the Kings Cross Approved ID Scanner Requirements (PDF 1.2 MB)

CCTV systems to be maintained on the premises

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system must be maintained. The CCTV system must comply with the following requirements:

  • record continuously from opening time until one hour after closing or continuously in 24-hour venues
  • record in digital format at a minimum of six frames per second. From 1 September 2020, the minimum frame rate will increase to 10 frames per second
  • any recorded image must specify the time and date of the image
  • the system’s cameras must cover:
  • all entry and exit points
  • the footpath immediately adjacent to the premises
  • all publicly accessible areas (other than toilets) on the premises.

The licensee must:

  • keep all CCTV recordings for at least 30 days.
  • ensure the system is always accessible by at least one staff member whenit is operating.
  • provide any recordings to police or liquor inspector within 24 hours of the request.

Venues that must maintain a CCTV system include:

  • hotels (including general bars)
  • registered clubs
  • public entertainment venues (other than a cinema)
  • karaoke bars
  • restaurants with a primary service authorisation that trade after midnight
  • premises that are the subject of a declaration under clause 95(4) of the Liquor Regulation 2018.

Later lockout times and last drinks for live entertainment venues with exemption

Live entertainment venues in Kings Cross can apply for a later 2am lockout and/or 3.30am last drinks.

To apply, venues must show a genuine market orientation towards live performances, the arts and cultural events and endeavours.

Note: Adult entertainment venues and nightclubs aren’t eligible for the extension.

Venues with an approved extension can admit patrons until 2am and/or serve alcohol until 3.30am where they provide live entertainment after midnight.

Live entertainment includes:

  • events where people are engaged to perform live or pre-recorded music,
  • performances where at least one performer is present in person such as theatre, musicals, dance, comedy and variety performances.

A non-refundable fee of $250 applies to all applications. Apply at Live entertainment exemption application form  (PDF 967.8 KB